Best 5×5 Grow Tent Review for Growing Indoor

When it comes to growing marijuana in your own home, using a grow tent is probably the most efficient and simplest method for a consistent harvest. Using a 5×5 grow tent along with some LED lights you will be able to grow more than 100 plants. However, getting the best grow tent may be a stressful experience if you are a beginner. If quality is your primary concern then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to introduce you with some 5×5 grow tent which will meet all your needs and make your plan of growing plants indoor successful.

Honestly speaking, any of the best 5×5 grow tent I’ve reviewed here would make a great choice for you. So, let’s have a look at 3 excellent grow tent reviews.

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Whom is this Product for?

Since, there are a lot of grow tents on the market of different sizes and types, in this section of the article, we’ve listed a number of people who have the best opportunity to use these products.

  • For a medical purpose like as growing marijuana, a 5×5 grow tent would be a perfect choice.
  • If you want to grow marijuana for commercial purpose then a 5×5 grow tent is the best option for you.
  • However, the grow tents are more lightweight and affordable which is awesome if you have a limited budget.

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1. Gorilla 5×5 Grow Tent Review

The first item of our 5×5 grow tent review is the Gorilla Grow tent which is professionally designed for experts. Since it produces the best quality overall the market products and comes up with the best hydroponic equipment no collection of 5×5 grow tent will be complete without it. So, let’s have a check on the features of this product.

Gorilla 5x5 Grow Tent Review

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Features & Benefits

  • Unlikely most other 5×5 grow tent the Gorilla comes up with an infrared blocking roof which provides you a superb touch of security.
  • Whereas many other grow tents produce a fabric with 600D the Gorilla builds a 1680D canvas to stand the test of time.
  • Besides, it provides an excellent pair of viewing windows that means you can keep eyes on it from outside fuss-free.
  • Moreover, you will get a height extension kit which ensures a flexible purchase and makes it even more versatile.
  • You can grow in safety with the infrared blocking roof.
  • 1680D canvas ensures, even more, security to grow plants.
  • Also, the zippers won’t let you down.
  • Nifty pouches keep accessories close at hand.
  • There is also a height extension option for you.
  • This 5×5 grow tent never uses the stealthiest packaging wrap-up.


Providing such exciting features, this one has become one of the most favorite Gorilla grow tent 5x5 on today’s market. Hence, if you intend to grow plants professionally in your home I suggest you this item for a smooth growing.

2. VIVOSUN Horticulture 5x5 Grow Tent Review

Another excellent choice for the savvy shoppers would be the VIVOSUN Horticulture along with the unrivaled craftsmanship. Since it is a hundred percent reflective hydroponic grow tent along with two windows it's fantastic for indoor planting. So, if you are here looking for the best 5x5 grow tent then have a check on this item.

VIVOSUN Horticulture 5x5 Grow Tent Review

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Features & Benefits

  • To start with, you will get a dense enough space with the 600D fabric to create a suitable growing environment without any kind of light leakage.
  • As with the majority of tents on today’s market, it uses a first-rate reflective property which helps to optimize your yield.
  • Eventually, it has built super quality zippers to go the distance and protect leakage at the weak spots even after constant use.
  • Consequently, to hang all your necessary chores without collapsing on your grows it provides a heavy-duty strong metal frame.
  • It has Mylar lining for an optimum reflectivity.
  • The 600D fabric is tear proof and double stitched as well.
  • Also, the steel tubes offer a great support to grow with confidence.
  • Anyways, there is an excellent observation window.
  • Most importantly, it needs no tools for a straightforward assembly.
  • The only complaint about this product is sometimes it may cause light leakage.


Since, even the best grow tents have some shortcomings, considering its heavy fabric, steel tubing and a dense it can be useful for any kind of growers. However, it will add great value to your money. Hence, if you want to have a better experience in indoor farming then just go for it.

3. Apollo Horticulture Indoor Grow Tent Review

If you have a smart choice and are here to look for a quality 5x5 grow tent, then we have another smart and reliable option for you. This place is taken by the Apollo Horticulture 5x5 grow tent.  Especially, if you want to initiate vegetative growth early and bring on plants from cutting then this is just the thing you've been searching for. So, let’s thrive into its features.

Apollo Horticulture Indoor Grow Tent Review

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Features & Benefits

  • First of all, zippers are more secure in this grow tent and they have double stitched also so you now you might quit worrying about leaking light.
  • However, the heavy-duty canvas is another excellent feature of it. Hence, without feeling cramped you can house all your equipment.
  • Consequently, the metal frame pole keeps the tent secure and protects it from any outside exposure.
  • Besides, The 100% tear proof Mylar lining assists you keeping grow room at the right temperature along with intensifies the grow light.
  • The Mylar lining provides a superb reflectivity.
  • You can grow up to 100 plants with this 5x5 grow tent.
  • Design of this product helps to prevent pests odor.
  • Moreover, the fabric density is enough for light penetrating.
  • Above all, the price is inexpensive for its quality.
  •  The corner straps are unable to take too much force.


If quality is your primary concern then this item is the best pick for you. Honestly speaking, buying this Apollo Horticulture 5x5 grow tent would be one of your best choices you would make ever. So, check the price here.

Buying Guidelines

There are some important factors which determine how your indoor gardening is going to be. So, in this section of the article, I am going to discuss those important matters before buying a grow tent.

  • Check the Fabric Strength and Density

In order to get a better rip resistant, you will need a grow tent with a denser material. Hence, go for a grow tent which has denser fabric and which is strong enough to hold up for years. Although, the average thickness for a good grow tent is 600D grow tents from the best manufacturers would offer you a 1680D thick interior.

  • Look for Perfect Frame and Pole Strength

Although, there are lots of grow tents from various manufacturers among them only a few offers height adjustment poles. If you intend to grow small plants then no matter the grow tent has an adjustable pole or not but if you want to grow larger plants then it’s better to choose a grow tent with height adjustment poles.

  • An EZ window is a Good Option

If you want to get the best benefit from a 5×5 grows tent then look for one which comes up with an excellent EZ window because it can add a great option for you to keep the plants on your eyes at every instant of time. However, they would also provide the easiest grow snapshots.

  • The Reflective Property is also Important

One of the most important properties to look for in a grow tent is the reflective property of it. Always, try to go for a grow tent which has a Mylar lining property. Actually, this company offers the best reflective property on the market likely other manufacturers don’t meet this.

If you keep these instructions in your mind while you are on the market, I believe you’ll be able to make the right decision of selecting the perfect grow tent.

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Final Verdict

If you want to add a whole new dimension to your commercial gardening then these 5x5 grow tent is going to give you a tremendous value for your dollars. However, we hope that you have found our 5x5 grow tent review helpful and it has simplified your buying decision. So, be realistic about the space and skill you have, stick to your budget and get the perfect tent for you.

The time is to get growing!

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