How to Make a Grow Tent – Step by Step

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Why Grow Tents?

When you are looking forward to growing small or mid-sized (about 6 lights) garden, you just need to find a suitable place for that. But if you are a resident of a building, you may not get the required space for your garden. To meet both ends, grow tent comes with an opportunity for you to do gardening without the slightest difficulty.

Grow tents are now available in the market and they are a perfect as well as an accessible substitute of traditional grow room. This tent not only works great for gardening but also offer a variety of permanent modifying facilities. And again, you can easily handle and manage plants along with other materials.

Needless to say, using a grow tent these days for gardening will give you the taste of both indoor growing facilities as well as a maximum safety against natural subversive forces. So, if you are about to start an indoor garden then you obviously need to know about the tent and how to make this grow tent as well. And this is why I am going to write on this from my personal experience of using grow tent.

An Overview of a Grow Tent

The tent initiates with a series of metallic and interconnected poles that rises a sturdy frame together. In general, this frame will support the rapidly growing lightweight equipment with safety. It will even help the entire load to get distributed uniformly through the poles. Apart from this, it also has a special coverage which reflects back the light to the cultivated plants. This covering also prevents the light from getting away at the surrounding places. There are zippered openings to access the completed enclosure of the tent. Furthermore, this covering comes with adjusting ports for other necessary components like electric cables as well as air-ducting or ventilation facility.

Making of a Grow Tent – Getting Started

When you decide to go for a thing in a market, you always want to have the best ones for yourself. But choosing the best grow tent isn’t that easy as different brands produce a variety of products. Selection of a grow tent is no different either. Before going to how to build a grow tent, you must choose a good grow tent for your plants. For that, you must consider some important thing while buying one.

Considerable Things while Choosing the Best Tent-

  • The Size of the Tent: Along with necessary cultivating measurements, you have to consider about your working space to do necessary cultivation. Again, you need some room space outside the tent as well. You must need both spaces to put the frame together within your specified room for better farming. Again, you need to ensure walking around the room space with comfort for construction purposes and later access as well.
  • The Quality of the Tent: No matter what you choose, you have to get the one with quality assurance. Because good-quality covering, metal poles, and zipper as well will help you to achieve your expected result. The metal connectors, as well as supports and the zipper, should be rigid along with corrosion resistance.
  • Non-toxic Material: You need to check whether there is any possibility of getting your plants toxic. It is true that almost all grow tents these days are non-toxic. But sometimes white covering may discharge some gases that are not good for growing plants at all.
  • No Leakage: With the perspective of the importance of light, water and others components as well, poorly fabricating coverage of grow tents will emit light outside. This can take place at the leakage points and even at the zippered openings. This thing is of significant importance in how to make the grow tent.

How to Build a Grow Tent?

As you are about to place a tent inside a room, you better be very careful with the entire process. How you make a grow tent is very important in maintaining a favorable condition inside and outside the tent. At the beginning, you have to do something for minimizing any sort of potential damage due to unexpected and accidental spills. And to ensure that, you have to take some certain steps in the first place.

Step # 01: Rolling up Pad and Carpet of the Room

The first thing of how to build a grow tent is to roll up the pad and carpet as well. It is necessary to do which will protect your property from any loss. Although there is a heavy duty waterproof covering in the tent, that may fail in case of rough usage. For the wooden floor, you need to secure an additional heavy duty waterproof covering. And then screw the covering in the connecting members.

Step # 02: Extracting All Electric Cords from Floor

The next step of how you make the grow tent comes with the removal of all sort of electrical cords from the floor. You may think of putting those cords with conduit straps to the surrounding walls. You can also bend the cords with the help of plastic jug strips at first. Then screw them down to hold off the floor.

Step # 03: Confining and Sealing the Windows

You should properly cover and then secure the windows of the room. This step of how to build your grow tent will enable you to defend your garden against the possibility of vandalism. Again, sealed windows will confine the lights from escaping. It also acts as a vapor shield from condensing.

Step # 04: Improving the Insulation System

Now you have to go for the insulation for sound as there is almost no way you can stop deadening sounds or noise to travel. Styrofoam sheets with double sided tape or fasteners along with washers will get you a fine insulation. Again, you must develop the cooling system as well for better accomplishment.

Step # 05: Appropriate Lighting Facility

Almost all plants need to have lights to survive. When it is about how to build the grow tent, you can’t also discard this issue at all. You can get general kits of grow lights such as High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) light or Metal Halide (MH) lights. Using 600W – 1000W of High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting for every meter square of your garden. Apart from these two, there are new and highly advanced light sources like LED and Plasma grow lights. Both these two produce more light with less power. For efficient lighting, you must measure the necessary amount needed.

Step # 06: Confronting Ventilation System

Efficient ventilation goes with efficient lighting which is said to be interconnected with one another. If both of these work together with efficiency, it will take no other to grow your plants better. A ventilation system of about 450 Cubic Feet per Minute Fan Rating (CFM) is pretty good enough against per 1000W lighting of HID along with nearly 2/3rd of the air intake inside the grow room. You can achieve this ventilation through exhausted centrifugal fan or similar furnace style fan. But you have to consider this otherwise if you get a ducting of more than 12 feet on any side of the fan. In that case, you need to go for further as well as the efficient system.

Step # 07: Assemble for a Good Temperature Control

Almost all artificial light sources for indoor using purposes discharge quite a heated light. This is also applicable for grow tent where the HID lights generate heat inside. So it is not good if you try to cool down the light with inside air which is already heated. This will hamper the efficiency of your garden. Also, makes it quite hard to control the inside temperature during summer. A ducting and air cooled hood will help to get air from outside the grow tent, through the hood and then back outside. For 600W HID lighting, you can do this with a 6-inch booster fan.

If you think that fan is not going to deliver good enough cooling, then you can take the help of the air conditioner. It has a great effect on plants thanks to its ability to take away moisture from the air. It can act like a remover of humidity enhancing the surrounding environment. An AC also enables you to capture condensation which gives a natural advantage of having irrigation for the growing plants. You can use an air conditioner delivering a BTU of about 3750 for every 1000W HID lighting in a confined environment.

Step # 08: Continuous Air Circulation throughout the Tent

Suitable air circulation is also important in how you make the grow tent. There are industrial air circulation fans to circulate the air inside the tent. You can also use oscillating fans to get stirred air inside which will control not only humidity but also temperature. Using these fans will help you reducing stretching ability to get better and stronger plants consuming CO2 in a greater amount. Along with these, they will help you neutralize the insects and provide a proper air movement throughout the room.

Step # 09: Proper Functioning of Electrical Devices

You have to rely on all the electrical devices mentioned above at the same time for getting a good crop from the garden. If these devices don’t function properly, your plants may get severely damaged and even completely failed. To prevent this from happening, an equipment named grow room automation is available which is widely popular among those persons who want a secure electrical operation in the tent. You have to make your choice among all available models according to your garden size as well as plants.

Step # 10: Addressing Odor Control inside the Tent

The next step of how to build a grow tent is odor control. Bad smell in the tent will indicate some wrongs in your gardening. Not only it affects the cultivation work but also it may have some effect on the growing plants. You can use a moderate size carbon filter for proper odor control. Besides, you will also need a vortex style and inline fan to pull the odor through the filter. You need to place the carbon filter at the top of the grow tent. It tends to remove the heat from extracted air at the top of the tent. For a tent having a lighting of 600W, you can use a filter with 4-inch flanges.

Step # 11: Supplying Fresh Air for the Plants

The plants in the tent need a fresh air just like you do. I am talking about air which is free from spores and other dust along with airborne irritants as well. Usage of activated carbon filters that are paired with the CFM will work sufficient to keep clean the air inside the tent. In a confined surroundings, this system delivers a 24/7 circulation of fresh air. This is a very significant way to get rid of any unwanted waste to keep the environment clean.

Step # 12: Replacing Light Sources

Although this step of how to make a grow tent doesn’t concern with the immediate action you will need it. Experienced persons are well aware of the fact that lamp or light source replacement is necessary for grow tent. You also need to replace your light source after a certain time. For the usage of HPS or MH lights, replacement at least once in a year works just fine. But alternate grow lights may not need replacement so often unless absolutely necessary.

With these certain steps, you can make an indoor grow tent through all the devices with ease.


In the end, no doubt, building a grow tent all by yourself is a tough work to do at first. You have to gather a lot of things and tools as well to make it work. You need various working tools, electrical devices, tapes, sheets, cords, fasteners and much more. It is possible that you may get into confusion how all these things are going to fit together in the tent. Even I had to face this problem. You may take the help of a gardener with experiences on how to build a grow tent. Trust me, it will save a lot of time, as well as money. Do not make them a wasted attempt. You just have to connect all of the materials that form a reliable system. And that will give you the expected result for sure.

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