I really feel great that you want to know about me!

Background Story of The Site

Gardening has always been one of the world’s most refreshing, challenging and Eco-friendly hobby cum professions. Even the professional plant growers sometimes know little about latest fertilizers, tools and support systems to boost plant growth

I have seen many people love to grow plants in pots or containers. They know little about how to get a high yield in potted plants using fertilizers that are specially manufactured for this purpose. Many passionate farmers give up this hobby just because they find less space to grow plants properly. The latest fertilizers, gadgets, and tools have now solved this problem. You can raise a high-quality crop even in your own home with less space or even indoor. For this reason, I decided to help those who want to grow gardens at the domestic level or at a professional level with my extensive knowledge and experience and that’s how Gardenten.com born!

Who Am I?

I’m James Patrick, both domestic and outdoor gardener, researcher and love to spend time in exploring new techniques and fertilizers to get a high yield. I created this site to be your reliable source of information regarding Domestic and professional gardening accessories and fertilizers.

James Patrick

I’m proud to be the founder of Gardenten; the platform is helping hundreds of fruit, vegetable and flower farmers every month!

At Gardenten, I deliver more than just gardening tools and support system reviews. I motivate people to use the technology, save your time and money by using high-quality accessories to increase production.

Our Mission

We are used to buying loads of plant fertilizers and supports, but most of the time we buy the wrong one. For me, I do a lot of research and take my final decision based on the analysis. But, most of the fellow farmers don’t spend time to do research. That’s why I wanted to help them out.

Garden ten s mission is to help through reviews, ratings, recommendations, and my detailed suggestions. You can read through my step by step guide in choosing the right fertilizers and accessories.

Email me if you have any queries or need my suggestions.


James Patrick

Founder, Garden Ten