Best fence sprayer

Best Fence Sprayer: Reviews and Buyers Guide

Got too much load of fence panels to hand paint for hours? Well, that might be driving you crazy even when you just think of it. But don’t worry, we’ve got a number of best fencer sprayers in market in rescue. All you have to do is to pick up one that fits within your requirements.

Through a mammoth research work of past one week, we’ve picked up the top fence sprayers of the market, and reviewed them in an ascending order. What we’ve considered are the specs, price-quaity ratio and user’s first-hand feedback.

Let’s keep rolling till we find you the best pick for your purpose-

 1.  Home Right Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Paint Sprayer

When it comes to fence sprayer, it is very hard to select a product for the top spot these days. The number of good sprayer on the market is huge. But, after doing some tough digging through the marketplace, we can confidently recommend you this fence sprayer from HomeRight. So if you want to accomplish an excellent result without hiring a professional then you should probably look no further.

So, what’s so unique about it?

Firstly this sprayer gives you an attractive finish using its 1/2 HP motor. You will get superb performance and 2,800 psi pressure using this motor and can quickly finish your large projects along with a professional result. It is the perfect sprayer for painting as this product sprays a smooth coating.

You can use its long, airless, non-king, 25 foot hose to paint your fence. You will be able to easily move this sprayer when you paint, using its carry handle.

You can easily and quickly assemble this spray gun. It also comes with a chrome-plated gun. You will have extra control over the paint flow as it includes a pressure control dial. Simply choose the right spray pattern for your work. Cleaning of this sprayer is very easy. You just need to run a washing solution inside the sprayer to clean it.

This sprayer offers the perfect combination of suitable features for anykind of project. We can confidently assure you that it worth every penny of its price.

  • Offers great portability
  • Powerful and customizable
  • Cleaning is exceptionally easy
  • Offers easy and fast assembling
  • Vibration loosen nuts while using thicker paints
  • Control has confusing nomenclature

 2.  Wagner Spraytech Wagner 0518050 Paint Sprayer

This sprayer offers some exceptional features which are desirable for any user. If you are looking for convenience and comfortable sprayer for painting your fence, then this one is perfect for you. You should probably be okay with what you are getting if you consider the overall design and price tag. With its various features, it ensures you will get your job done fast.

First of all this sprayer will give you supreme control and low overspray while spraying sealers, stains and other materials using its variable-control trigger, HVLP technology, and 3 spray patterns. For a swift material change, it features a Lock-n-Go technology. Set up and clean-up is easy and quick as it sprays cartridge.

It sprays thin materials as stains and sealer using its HVLP low overspray technology. The material flow is continuous and it produces a professional finish. Its coverage per minute is 4.9 fl. oz.

You can use its three-position air cap feature to select your preferred spray pattern. It allows you to adjust spray patterns from 1/2 inch to 10 inches wide by controlling the materials flow using its variable trigger.

In short, if you are looking for the best fence sprayer, then you should certainly consider checking it out for yourself. We ensure you that this is as close as a sprayer can get towards the perfect blend of comfort and effectiveness.

  • Easy setup and clean-up
  • Provides a professional finish with various materials
  • You can use this sprayer easily for its simplicity.
  • Ensures the best even coverage
  • Doesn’t spray latex paint properly

 3.  Wagner 0529015 Handheld Sprayer

Finding the best fence sprayer with the combination of the essential features is a tough job nowadays. But this sprayer from Wagner has it all. It is able to meet all of your basic spraying needs. Its features are right on point. And for the price, you are getting all the features that you can expect. It provides a lot more than the price tag it holds.

This Paint sprayer uses HVLP (high volume low pressure) technology to spray enamel materials or stain on fences. You can use it to spray sealers that are either water or oil based. It can also spray transparent plus semi-transparent stains. Its coverage per minute is 3.9 fl. oz.

You can use it outdoor easily as it comes with a air turbine. It also includes a quart cup. You can also control the material flow VARIABLE control trigger.

We would highly recommend you to consider this option. You are not missing out on any of the essential features considering the price tag. So you should make a note on your shopping list about this multi-purpose item.

  • Apply even coatings on surfaces
  • Very portable and comfortable
  • Excellent flow control features
  • Powerful spraying technology
  • Can’t be used with regular paint
  • May clogged with semi-solid water-based stain

 4.  Wagner Spraytech Wagner 0525010 Project Power Painter

If you want to quickly finish your painting project then you may want to have a look at this power painter from Wagner.

Here’s why.

Wagner Spraytech uses piston-pump and can spray maximum 4.8 gallons/hour. It offers fast set up and clean up since it sprays materials from a convenient one-quart reservoir. As it can hold plenty of paint, so you don’t have to worry about your next big project.

Including Optimus Dual Tip Technology, it offers even coverage, minimal overspray, and more control. As it features tungsten-carbide tips, it offers durability, improved performance, and extended lifetime.

You will get maximum versatility as it comes with rotatable tip guard. You can use it as an efficient alternative to brush painting and paint difficult-to-paint surfaces like fences.

You can use the flow-control function and select the suitable spray pattern appropriate for your material. It also comes with an easy-to-grip handle that offers comfortable one-handed operation. If you are looking for speed and comfort, then you should check it out for yourself.

  • Lightweight construction
  • Easy-to-grip handle offers all-day comfort
  • Easy setup and clean-up as it take only minutes
  • Wider spray pattern and longer-lasting finish
  • Contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause reproductive harm
  • Paint gathers too quickly on the nozzle

 5.  HomeRight C800915 Stain Sprayer

This great sprayer is perfect if you are looking for a stain sprayer. This is one of the best sprayers on the market that will save a lot of your money and time.

First look at its superior design. Its steel components ensure that you will get superior durability and extended performance from this sprayer. It offers a tilt spray option that lets you spray as you like. If you want to use its directional spray feature then just adjust the suction tube. 90% stain will be picked by it. You will get better stain coverage for your surface as it comes with a fan nozzle that offers a spray pattern of 12" wide.

You don’t have to worry while using materials of different thickness as it comes with a volume control button. You will get a more attractive finish by using this button to select your preferred spray pattern. It also comes with oil, one cleaning brush, and a storage kit.

This airless sprayer will save you from the laborious and time-consuming chore of staining with a brush or roller and you will get a professional finish at a portion of the time and cost. If you want to get the best value for your money then you should definitely consider checking it out for yourself.

  • Ideal for spraying stain to get a professional finish
  • Provide a consistent finish on your surface
  • Longer performance with sturdy construction
  • Steel components ensure durability
  • Don’t work properly with 220 volts
  • Works only with stain but not with paint

 6.  HD Hudson 67992 Deck And Fence Sprayer

With lots of features, this Hudson fence sprayer is surely one of the most versatile sprayers you will get your hands on. It is a great budget-oriented option for people who want to make their life easier and at the same time a professional finish.

If you consider the overall design, you should most likely be okay with what you are getting. It comes with a 6-footed tank and a funnel top. The gallon tank is translucent so you will be able to monitor the fluid levels quite easily. It includes a 60-inch long hose and a 15-inch curved poly spray wand.

The Hudson 67992 is extra water and chemical resistance as it is coated with the Endurall epoxy coating inside and out. It is also built with strong and galvanized steel and also offers an ergonomic control valve which is thumb operated and very comfortable. With its interchangeable dual fan nozzles, you can spray at your preferred viscosities.

It includes HPP High Pressure Pumps that sprays wood sealers and cleaners easily and quickly and makes fence maintenance easy. Ensuring your maximum comfort, it comes with a glove-sized comfort grip handle. In conclusion, if you are looking for simplicity and effectiveness then you should probably look no further. You can completely rely on it.

  • Very stable and durable
  • Ensures maximum comfort
  • Simple design and easy to use
  • Suitable for many applications
  • May clogged with a semi-transparent stain
  • The wand is made of flimsy plastic.

 7.  FIXKIT Paint Electric Sprayer Gun

This paint sprayer from FIXKIT is indeed one of the best fence sprayers in the market. All the people who want a sprayer that will offer wide application and professional results should check this out.

The reasons behind this are simple.

It combines many essentials features that will take your spraying experience to the next level. You can spray materials such as sealers, stains using HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) air power technology that ensures you will get professional finish while staining your fence.

You can adjust this sprayer gun to horizontal, vertical or round spray pattern.  Use the width lever and select narrow or wide setting. You will get ultimate control over the flow of paint using its adjustable valve knobs. With its advanced nozzle and turbine technology, it sprays paints evenly on the surface.

Made with premium materials like durable and light plastic, you will get a convenient and efficient experience. Its hand-held shape also ensures high mobility. You can buy this sprayer without any worry.

  • Setup is very easy and fast
  • Premium material ensures a longer lifespat
  • Produce a professional fine finish
  • Perfect for spraying evenly on fences
  • Instructions are not very clear
  • May overheat

Buying Guide

You should consider both quality and comfort while buying a fence sprayer. Choosing a wrong sprayer will waste a lot of your time and money. That’s why selecting the right one is of significant importance. There are some important factors that you need to check out while selecting your sprayer

Construction:  The first thing you need to consider is the construction of the sprayer. If it is made from strong and durable material then it will easily take up the pressure. It also ensures a longer lifespan and extended usability.

Design:  The design of the sprayer is very important. It ensures that you will be able to use the sprayer in a various way without clogging and that it requires a small amount of time for assembling and cleaning.

Weight and dimension:  Weight and dimension are of significant importance while considering fence sprayer. For greater portability and comfort, you should choose a light and small sprayer.

Technology:  Nowadays there are many types of sprayers on the market. They include various technology. You should select the sprayer that best solves your problems using its special technology. 

Difference between brush and spray painting

There are many differences between a brush and spray painting. Some of the most important differences are-

Time: Brush painting is very time consuming than spray painting. You can paint a lot of area in a couple of minutes using a sprayer.

Comfort:  Spray painting is much more comfortable than brush painting. You can paint your fences easily with your sprayer than a brush.

Cost:  While considering the cost, spray painting is expensive. The machine and paint are costly compared to brush painting.

Appearance: Spray painting will give a more professional look than brush painting. Brush painting needs the skill to get a good look or it will have brush marks.

Final Thoughts

A good fence sprayer can save a lot of your time, energy and money. It is also very important to get a professional result in a short amount of time. That’s why choosing the best fence sprayer is very essential.

Considering our experts’ recommendation and user ratings, we picked the best 7 among a lot of others.  Each of the best fence sprayers has almost everything to provide you the maximum comfort and professional finish at a reasonable price. All you need to do is picking up the best one that can serve your need. So chose the most suitable one from our list and start spraying.