Special Consideration while Building Own Grow Room

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It is not a tough task to build a grow room. Rather, it can save you money. Some special consideration while building own grow room can give you a perfect one. Otherwise, it will be just a box. You cannot find the desired output. These considerations are lightproof, airtight, climate, air moisture, square meter and collection rack. Let us have a look at these properties how they affect while building own grow room.



First of all, your grow room has to be lightproof. The regular 12 hours night and 12 hours light are considered as a suitable environment for a grow tent. The disturbance of 12 hours of light causes the failure of your cultivation. Therefore, have a look to ensure that there is no light creeping in. As it is tough to work without error, there may be leakage. An individual lightproof tape is available to remove this problem. You can easily blot out the holes and cracks. Thus you can make your grow tent lightproof. Otherwise, you cultivation may not be possible.

Mind it; a smart grower removes male flower regularly. Moreover, blooming is difficult for a plant when a beam of light enters in the tent. It just produces meager crops. Above all, be careful about every electrical appliance like tiny lamps. Because it is enough to disturb the night sleep. Thus, you can prepare a light proof condition while building own grow room.


Consequently, you have to ensure that, you have created a sealed condition while building own grow room. So often, plants spread a fragrant and in some case powerful odour. Therefore, it is important to be airtight of your grow tent.  But what will you do if there are some small cracks and holes? If your plants begin to smell, it may spread due to these holes or cracks. Obviously, it is not preferable for you and your neighbors.

Controlling the environment is another important factors. It cannot be possible due to the holes and cracks.  Your cultivation will not be completed without ensuring a suitable environment. Besides, you have to make sure that no undesirable creatures can find the space inside your grow room. A standard grows tent do not allow any things to get in or go out from it. Therefore, your grow room will not be completed without being airtight.


Without ensuring a suitable environment, you do not find a handsome output from your grow tent. Apparently, it is not expected. The climate has to be constant inside the grow room. As well as you have to provide a ventilator which ensures proper air circulation. In the absence of ventilator, your plants may become thicker and stronger. Obviously, it is not good for your plants. My special recommendation is to invest in a thermostat, hygrostat or a thermal- hygrostat. But, you need a healthy budget for that.

What are the uses of these? The thermostat is connectable to the exhaust ventilator. By which you can set up the required maximum temperature. Normally, it is 28 degrees. The mechanism is to kick the exhaust ventilator when the temperature rises. On the other hand, air is sucked out when the environment becomes too humid. Moreover, a dimmer switch regulates the speed of ventilator. Therefore, you should control the climate inside the grow room.

Air Moisture

Air humidifier is a device through which you can regulate air moisture. But what is the significance of controlling air moisture? The rate of growth of plants become twice while it is in the humid condition. Moreover, it is not an expensive one. Therefore, use an air humidifier while building own grow room. Again, to remove warm air, there is a suction pump. If you use a carbon filter in the suction pump, it is easy to remove the strong odors. A carbon filter and vacuum work together and essential for gardening. As a result, set up a larger pump than the actual volume of your space when building own grow room.

Moreover, using a Nylon stocking or special socks over air input can stop anything from out or get in. You have to keep in mind that, no lights are allowed to enter through these cracks. The PVC tubes having a bend allow air in but not light.

Square Meter

Building a screen is very advantageous. Thus you can fully utilize the light of the lamp. You need to provide a screen around the square meter. Obviously, it will be covered in white reflective plastic. It is used to keep the lights inside the grow room. If it is not done, the light will scatter over the room. You should know that Mylar is one the best stuff currently for light reflection. Besides, reflective walls are necessary while building own grow room. This purposes can also be done with hung plastic or white walls. Moreover, a filtered pump in the growing space can easily remove the smell of plants. Thus you can get awesome growing performance from your own grow tent.

Collection Rack

Your grow tent should be easy to maintain. That is why build some collection rack where you can store the plants. Such collection rack should have a frame of 1.10 m wide and 15cm height. The advantages of such racks are-

  • Very easy to clean.
  • Plants have less to chances of diseases.
  • Unnecessary soil splashed water, and dead leaves can be removed easily.

Many growers opt to flush as a matter, of course, every two weeks to keep the environment neat and clean. If there is a collection rack, you can do it without facing any problem. Besides, the racks are filled with feed water. Thus plants are left to take nutrients as the need. As a result, there are no chances to over-fertilize the plants. It is not any problem if you stay away for 3-4 days. The racks serve them quickly with the automatic watering system.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you have a clear idea from this article. Therefore, building own grow room will become easier. Moreover, you benefitted economically from this way. After considering all the focused point find out the best grow tent.

Happy cultivation!!!

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