Considerations Before Buying a Cheap Indoor Grow Tent

Many interested people cannot start growing plants in the due to economic support. It is unfortunate. But cheap indoor grow tent is available in the market. There is no way to think that, they are less performable. Though some features are absent in the cheap indoor grow tent, the fundamental performance is the same. Just keep some consideration in your mind while buying one. Let us explore these factors.

The Spacing Capacity You Have

First of all, consider the free space at your home. Obviously, you have to provide sufficient space for your indoor grow tent to ensure proper light and ventilation. You may need to provide 250mm free space for ducting from all around. Therefore, buy that size which you can fit it physically. It is not only for your indoor grow tent but also for every product.

The Number of Your Cheap Indoor Grow Tent

You can ask various growers about the quantity of their grow tent. The answer will be at least 1 or probably 2 or maximum 3. People have one tent for propagation, and another one is for vegetative growth and flowering. We recommend having a separate tent for each stage to get the best result.
You do not need much space for propagation. The reason is cuttings and seedlings operation is possible within a low light intensity. Therefore, it is better to use a small distribution tent.

On the other hand, for vegetable growth, a lot of growers choose small cheap indoor grow tent to maximize light and manage the environment in a much easier way. For your kind information, it is better to use the Secret Jardin Lodge tent whenever you want to keep propagating and vegging plants at a time in a single tent.

Then the next option flowering is typically done by using 600W lights. In some particular case, you have to use more powerful lights. Mind it; there is no other option available to your hand without using a big tent for flowering. Experts recommend for 2m high grow tent.

All of these stages is performable in a single cheap indoor grow tent. But it is rarely recommended.

Price of Indoor Grow Tent

There is a various price of grow tent available in the market. Apparently, a high rate increases tent able to provide better performance than a low price one. But the underlying performance is the same no difference between the growing performance. If you are at a beginner level, my recommendation is to buy one with a low price, small size, and mid-range cultivation, such as 2×4 grow tent.

Lights Used in the Indoor Grow Tent

There is no way to think that all grow tent has the same light setup. It varies up to their size. Apparently, a large tent needs more intensity. The table at below gives you a clear concept about it.

 HeightLight Intensity
Aim to maintain200 cm250W/400W/600W lights
240 cm750W /1000W lights
Go no longer than180 cm250W /400W /600W lights
200 cm1000W lights

Moreover, fluorescent lights are the most preferable because of very low intensity and hardly produce heat. Just this trick is maintained in a small propagation growing tent.

Reflectors Used in the Indoor Grow Tent

It is famous as well as popular due to its energy savings properties. Let us know at various conditions.

  • Having One Grow Light

Obviously, there should have similarity between the shape of light and reflector.  Such as the uniform square footprint is suitable for a square 1.2m x 1.2m indoor grow tent.

  • Having Multiple Lights

The reflectors should provide a lot of light crossover in a tent with multiple views. The advantages of cross over light are given below-

  1. Plants and herbs get enough light intensity.
  2. Have steady growth.
  3. A vast area has the same light intensity.

A reflector called Adjust-a-Wing is the most appropriate for this multiple light system. A 1.2m x 2.4m indoor grow tent need two of such reflectors. Hopefully, you get the best output.

  • Air Cooled Reflectors

It is observed that some growers use air-cooled reflectors in their grow tent. It ensures the inlet ports for your indoor grow tent extension equipment.

Have a look on the article “Special Consideration while Building Own Grow Room in the link below”:-

Growing System & Growing Equipment for your Cheap Indoor Grow Tent

A grow tent contains a growing system, an extraction system, and lights. There also need space for heaters, fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and other equipment. I can assure that a cheap grow tent can store all of these quite easily due to the flexible shape and size.

Types of Interior

There are two types of an interior in a grow tent. These are white and silver. The white lined tent reflects incredibly and retains less heat than a silver one. The peak temperature of a tent with silver interior can be 1-2 C warmer than a white one. Obviously, these have to be same in size.  This indicates you may face heat related problem with a silver interior grow tent. It hardly creates the problem for small propagation. Therefore, a small one is a perfect one.

Features of your Indoor Grow Tent

  • Watertight

The water tight property ensures extra protection to your grow tent. It works at the time of an accident. A waterproof tent is excellent for damage control.

  • Reflective Interior

1% of light lost indicates 1% loss in yield. A reflective interior decreases the light loss to the walls. It also saves energy.

  • Quality Zips

You should know that low-quality zip cannot make your indoor grow tent light tight. As well as, the canvas may be loose.  Do not think that, a cheap indoor grow tent cannot have a high-quality zips.

  • Robust Corners

If the corners do not have strong edges, it cannot carry a load of light fan and equipment.

  • Durable Fabric

Durable fabric helps to keep pests out and stop odors escaping. It also reduces noise.

Bottom Line

Finally, you have a complete knowledge. We try our best to draw out an overall discussion. In the end, we desire you can buy a cheap indoor grow tent facing any disturbance.

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