Drop spreader vs Broadcast Spreader- Technical Comparison

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When it comes to spreading grass seed or fertilizing the lawn, we all know how important a spreader is. But, in the market, when you are given with two popular choices of spreaders- drop spreader and broadcast spreader, you can hardly decide which one will suit more to your lawn.We were concerned with this dilemma and planned to do something to reduce your stress of choosing. Starting from technical details to accuracy and functionality, we’ve discussed everything that concerns drop spreader vs broadcast spreader debate.It’s a promise that, when you’ll be done reading the entire article, you’ll have no point of confusion, choosing the right spreader. Let’s get started-

What is a Drop Spreader?


At first, we should know what is drop spreader. A device which is used to apply fertilizer or seed in our lawn. It has a rectangular shape hopper with some holes. Holes are used to drop lawn product. It has a lever near the handle to open the hopper. The drop spreader is well known for its accuracy.  That means you can drop lawn product more accurately. It is ideal to use water tight area. Key Features of a Quality Drop Spreader

  • As it is more targeted, so there is no waste of lawn product and you can get rid of the clean-up procedure after using drop Spreader and swaths are not needed.
  • Mostly it is used for a small area.
  • Drop spreader helps to keep away from spreading seeds from the nearby area.
  • Its wheels are designed to cover the area where hard to move.
  • No air affects.
A Few Drawbacks Despite its usefulness, it has some drawback which is negligible.

  • It takes a longer time to spread product.
  • Small capacity. So, need to refill it repeatedly.

What is A Broadcast Spreader?

A broadcast spreader is also used to apply fertilizer or seed in our lawn but in a larger area. It has a large hopper with a horizontal spinning disk. This disk helps to through or spread lawn products. It is mainly used to cover a larger area in a short time. Key Feature of a Broadcast Spreader

  • It is faster, so it takes less time.
  • Compared to drop spreader it has a larger capacity. So, it reduces the number times to refill the hopper than the drop spreader.
  • Mostly it is used for a larger area.
  • It is designed to cover the area where hard to reach.
A Few Drawbacks-The drawback of a broadcast spreader can negligible if you use it to cover the large area.

  • The Wind can affect the spreading product.
  • Need to clean-up after using broadcast spreader because it can spread the product over nearby area. It also wastes lawn products.
  • Accuracy less than Drop Spreader.

Drop Spreader vs Broadcast Spreader- At A Glance

That where all of the technical details between drop spreader vs broadcast spreader. Let’s have a look at the core differences at a glance-

Drop Spreader
Broadcast Spreader
1. Spreaders the fertilizer in rows.1. This spreader spreads in a fan-like pattern.
2. Fits great for fertilizing2. Works mostly for larger area.
3. More accurate and precise spreading.3. Comes with less accuracy in the job.
4. Can fertilize any part of of the lawn that you can walk on.4. Can be used to fertilize hard-to-reach areas of the lawn.

The Bottom Line

Now you gathered knowledge about Drop Spreader Vs Broadcast Spreader. You can easily choose which one is best for you. The main difference is drop spreader is accurate and broadcast spreader is faster. Broadcast spreader wastes some product but reduces time. On the other hand, drop spreader is accurate so no waste of products but reduces time. So, it depends on you, how you or where you are going to use it.

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