A Discussion on Grow Tent Setup Procedure

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Grow tent is nothing but a portable and reusable grow room which is made of a sturdy canvas exterior and also has the reflective interior to increase the effectiveness of built-in grow lights. Normally there is one or more grow light in the enclosed space. The system ensures to retain the heat that develops light produces. The grow tent set up at home is the best way to maintain it. As it can reduce the maintenance cost. Moreover, the cleaning procedure will also be easier and regular. But you cannot do it without proper guideline. Let us discuss on growing tent setup at home.

Considerations to Choose the Right Grow Tent


First of all, you have to know the minimum buying requirements of a grow tent. There is no meaning to buy an inappropriate product after spending money. Some considerations can keep you to the right path to buy the desired product. Let us know the factors to choose the right to grow tent.

  • Space

The place where the grow tent is about to be placed is the foremost factor. Chose a place/room with proper setup and weather as ambient temperature, moderate humidity, and ample ventilation.

  • Ventilation Flaps

Each grow tent should have at least two ventilation flaps.

  • Rigid Stability

Your grow tent have to support the light units, carbon filter as well as other additional hardware. So the structure should be enough rigid and stable to hold the product packaging.

  • Fabric

The tent material should be durable and light proof. The fire-retardant materials or look for the tent made of Hemp canvas are the best suitable for a grow tent.

  • Light Unit

Inadequate lighting will not be good for plant vegetation and bloom. On the other hand, large light may be an issue for excessive heat. Fluorescent, high-intensity discharge, plasma can be the solution here.

Grow Tent Supplies

  • a grow tent kit
  • a carbon filter of appropriate size for your grow room
  • a power strip with surge protection
  • an extractor fan
  • duct clips
  • a lighting timer
  • a temperature gauge
  • hanging equipment
  • a lamp or lamps with accompanying hanging cables
  • potted plants
  • Two pieces of ducting of several feet in length
  • duct tape (recommended)
  • essential tools for assembly
  • in quality soil (experienced growers may want to consider a grow system to automate plant care/watering)

The requirements of a grow tent setup are mentioned below:

Grow Tent Setup Procedure

There is various kind of grow tent available in the market. These are not found as the complete set. Therefore, it is better to know the setup procedure of a grow tent. As a result, you need not pay extra change for installation. Besides, cleaning will be easier then. The best advantage is that you have the courage to buy the best grow tent from online.

The various grow tent available in the market has a small variation on their design depending on the manufacturer. Almost every grows tents are highly portable and covered with reflective fabric. You can set up and take down as you needed. Besides, you can configure it to an existing space or relocate it. The beginners find it extremely effective as they allow the complete control for growing environment. A grow tent allows you to change setup elements without any disruption to your plants.

Let us discuss the grow tent setup procedure step by step.

Step 1: First you have to unpack the tent. Then setup the tent and cover.

Step 2: Then you have to locate the desired area where you want to install the grow tent. Mind it; the area should be spacious enough.

Step 3: Now, you have to remove the packaging part of the tent. It is better to place all the required tools within reach.

Step 4: At this stage, you have to assemble the tent.

Step 5: Here the special recommendation is to plug the two fans to ensure they are active before installed. If they are ok, you can unplug it.

Step 6: Now, you have to ensure the ventilation for plants. As a result, install the extraction fan with the carbon filter in your grow tent.

Step 7: In this step of grow tent setup, you have to hang the gage level of temperature with your plants. It will be the best to maintain the optimal temperature inside the grow tent. The optimal temperature range is 68-82.4 degrees Fahrenheit. To ensure it, check regularly.

Step 8: after that, you have to setup the ventilation for grow tent. Exhaust fan and carbon filter include to the ventilation system. A special recommendation is to setup these carefully.

Now, you have completed all the configuration procedure. Your grow tent is completely ready for work. Finally, you have to-

  1. Place the plants inside the grow tent.
  2. Water and fertilize them when it is required.
  3. Give a check to the whole system to ensure everything is alright.
  4. Finally, close your tent and make it light tight.

For setting up a grow tent,  you can consider a 4×4 grow tent which is easy as well as can serve you the most. Finally, give a regular check to the all components. Thus, you can ensure that everything is ok.


Recently, many users have reported that the grow tents collapsed due to hanging heavy grow lights. Another problem is the overheated interior. You can skip these problems by using the E27 socket LED grow bulbs. It can attach easily and also more heat efficient.  The recommendation is to use the 80-watt bulbs.

It is better to start a grow tent with these grow bulbs because these fit into standard household E27 light socket easily. Moreover, these are nice to hang inside a grow tent. These bulbs are also easy to use.

Bottom Line

Finally, you get your grow tent ready. First two or three times you may find it hard to setup. Hopefully, it will be easy then. Please do not forget about the warnings. Otherwise, you may fall into a problem which is never expected.

Happy times with your grow tent.

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