How much oil does a lawn mower take?


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Do you have a garden at home? Do you have a lawn in front of your house? If so, you would be lucky enough that today’s discussion is on a lawn mower. Today a lot of people make a lawn in front of their house. It increases the beauty but creates a problem in cleaning it. No need to worry, the lawn mower is there. It’s the perfect solution for you. Today we will discuss on oil needed for lawn mower than itself. So why to wait?

Let’s get started.

Why do you need a gasoline powered lawn mower?


You might have already familiar with hand roll lawn mower. But today in our article we will focus on the gasoline powered lawn mower. As it’s an engine driven tool, so obviously it’s driven by oil.

So now, let’s discuss on why do we need gasoline lawn mower.

  • Produces high power: Every machine needs the power to drive itself. It might be an electrical machine or mechanical machine. But power is compulsory for each of it. As a lawn mower needs power, we use gasoline as the power source to drive it. In such case, we need to use oil to power up our machine. Other lawn mowers like hand driven, battery driven mowers don’t produce high power as it does.
  • Efficient: A gasoline driven lawn mower is much efficient than any other mower available in the market. It gets power from oil, which produces a high amount of energy. It helps to do the work easily with high power as an output. It can crop the grass roots smoothly, which makes it unique than others.
  • Time-saving: A gasoline driven lawn mower saves a lot of time by reducing our effort. It cuts the grass at correct height at the very short amount of time. If you have a large lawn, then this type of mower might serve you better.
  • Easy handling: A lawn mower driven by oil has better handling capacity than hand lawn mower. If you use a ride on lawn mower, then you might have a better and comfortable handling in hard and solid soils. But this mower makes the task easy for any condition. It makes it more popular among users.
  • The comfort in work: Electrically powered mower has cord joined with it. Cord free mowers have a little working time. They work well for an hour with a full charge. So there are hazards in work. But oil powered mowers are free from them. Just put the oil and use wherever you like whenever you prefer.
  • Cuts grass of all size: Electrical and hand rolled mowers have disadvantages like they can’t cut long and thick grass. They can’t work on a wet surface, but oil powered one is free them. So, they are more surface friendly.

Consideration of oil for your lawn mowers

Throughout the discussion, we have gone through the necessities of our oil powered lawn mowers. Now we would like to discuss how can we oil the lawn mowers. Maximum mowers we use today are an oil powered mower. As it has high performance and user-friendly nature, it’s getting more used day by day.

  • Know the category:

First, learn whether its 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine.

For two stroke engines, additional fuel is needed to be mixed up. Its ratio is 50:1. So with normal gasoline, additional high-quality engine oil is needed to be mixed up. For example, for 50 liters of gasoline 1 liter of engine oil should be mixed up.

But if that’s 4-stroke, then no additional oil is necessary. You can use normal gasoline from oil station to use in your mower.

  • Right ratio right performance:

Yeah, you read that right. The lasting period of any lawn mower depends on how that’s is used. But right fuel with extra lubricants mixed properly can increase the performance. Like as with normal gasoline using 10% of ethanol solution can enhance engine performance drastically. Sometimes 15% of the mixture is also used. Experts prefer 10% solution of ethanol as its more engine friendly.

  • Consider winter and summer seasons:

Some of you might feel awkward to hear about summer and winter fuel. But it’s true. Different types of oil are preferable.

For summer: Fuel should have Low RVP ratings.

For winter: Fuel should have high RVP ratings.

  • Expiration of oil:

Every oil has an expiration period. Like others, it’s different. Usually, it recommended changing oil after 30 days if the mower is kept unused. So, don’t use oil which is more than 30 days old.

  • Oil for storing mower:

If the mower is stored, then use the Fuel stabilizer to a full tank of oil. Which will ensure its capability for a longer period?

Why should you maintain a certain level of oil in mowers?

We have already gone through lots of ideas on using oil. Now we might consider why proper oil level maintaining is necessary.

  • For better performance:

Usually, fuel level indicator tells about the proper amount of fuel necessary for operation. If overloaded with fuel, then it would damage is inevitable due to excess lubricants. But with under load, it might make excess vibration, clotting in the filter and so on.

  • Long life:

We want our instruments to perform well for a long time. But if instructions that’s not properly handled, we might get offensive performance. The machine might start failing before its usual life. So, to ensure less damage proper level of fuel and lubricants are needed to be used.

  • Effective performance:

Every machine has a rated power to drive on. Mower also has something like that too. So, to run it on rated condition we have to ensure that oil level stays at its normal situation. Over load and under a load of oil should be prohibited.

Oil capacity of different lawn mowers:

There are lots of brand and models of land mowers which are available in the market that varies from price, model, etc. We have given some information on some of the most popular brand called Briggs and Stratton.

Horse power(HP)
Model name
Oil capacity(liter)
Classic, Sprint
Quattro, SQ
Gen Power, Clean Power
Intek, OHV


After a long discussion, we have reached a decision that is; Oil powered mower is much better than any other mowers available. It has a variety of advantages over others. So, by handling carefully with care, using proper oil, we can ensure a better performance and long life of this tool.

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