How to clean lawn mower air filter step-by-step guide?


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The lawn mower is a modern-day device to keep your lawn trimmed and clean. Different parts of lawn mower impact differently on its action and performance. The air filter of a lawn mower is one of the most important parts. The air filter is mainly a trap that catches all the dust and debris that could go straight to the engine. It could block the carburetor and the flow of air to the carburetor. So, it’s important to keep the air filter clean. The lawn mower needs a clean and dust free air filter to work for the long period and give the best performance.

What is a lawn mower air filter?


A lawn mower air filter is a part of the lawnmower that stands against all kinds of dirt and debris that comes while mowing your lawn. It also prevents dirt from entering into the engine and keeps the free from dirt and debris.

Why does it need to clean?

Long lasting engine life: Cleaning air filter helps you prolonging your lawn mowers longevity. The air filter is designed to trap all the dirt and debris that damages your internal part of mowers engine. That’s why you need to clean the air filter regularly.

Increased efficiency: Study shows that dirty air filters decrease the efficiency of engine and carburetor as much as 14%. So, you need to clean the air filter regularly to get good performance.

Reduced emissions: Dirty and clogged air filters reduce the air flow to the engine. As a result, it cannot work properly and loses the balance between air and others mixture or you need to clean it properly.

Inexpensive: An air filter is one of the cheapest maintenance components, and it doesn’t require any expert. You can clean it all by yourself.

Easy to fix: an air filter of lawn mower is very easy to clean and fix. You just need to know which is the place of an air filter and you have to clean the rectangular shaped air filter and put it back carefully. Not much Excellency requires.

 Step by step guideline to clean a lawn mower process 

A lawn mower is a handy device to have for cleaning your lawn. You need to know about its maintenance. The air filter is an important part of the lawn mower. You should know how to clean lawn mower air filter.

Read the user manual: User manual is a book where you can find the ins and outs of every part and their uses. Read the user manual, and there must be steps on how to clean lawn mower air filter. Read the steps carefully and know the basic recommendation on cleaning mower air filter.

Locate the filter: Firstly, you have to find the location of the filter in your lawn mower. Locate the air filter and remove the cover of the filter carefully. It is a critical job. Uncover it carefully to ensure a continuous efficiency of the mower. Keep all the nuts carefully for reinstallation.

For dry filter: If you use dry air filters for your lawn mowers, then use the hose attachment of a vacuum where the vacuum would absorb the dust and dirt that has been trapped in the air filter. Also, create a quick vacuum of the filter housing to clean all the dust from the location and put it carefully into the mower.

Cleaning place: After taking out the air filter from a lawn mower, you have to take it to a safe cleaning area. The cleaning area should be free from dust and debris, and it should be neat and clean. Also, cover the lawn mower so that it is safe from dust and other dirt.

Foam pre-filter: there are various parts of the lawn filters to be cleaned properly. Clean the surroundings like the rubber seal and others carefully. If there is a foam pre-filter present in the mower, then remove it properly without damaging. Clean these components too.

Cleaning the dirt:  Soak the pre-filter thoroughly in a diluted dish detergent liquid. There is no need to scrub the foam and let the detergent do all the works. Detergent will ease out the attached dirt and grime.  The foam pre-filter is an essential part of lawn mower which helps to act extra protection of air filter.

For oiled air filter: Spray the air filter with cleanser or soak the filter in cleaning kit. Allow it to soak like the pre-filter for 10-15 minutes. After the time take the filter from the cleansing kit. Put it in an aerosol can or squeeze bottle or polybags.

Rinsing & Drying: After putting, rinse the cleaning solution off with low-pressure water. Shake it hard or move the filter up and down in the water stream to loosen and remove all the debris. Shake off the excess of water gently and allow the air filter to dry naturally. Wait until your filter gets completely dry and then apply oil to it.

Oiling: In the last step, take the filter out of the cleansing kit and put it in another cleaning kit. Apply oil all over the filter. It will clean the slightest dirt stored in it. Let the foam absorb all the oil thoroughly and wipe up all the extra oil after this. Now it is ready to reuse.

Reinstallation: Once the cleaning is done and dusted, it’s time to put things back properly. Put the filter properly into the housing and tighten the nuts. It ensures the effective function of the air filter also places the filter cover properly.


Get the proper idea: If you want to clean the air filter, then you have to know all the details, and you must know all the steps, how to clean the lawn mower air filter. Know every detail properly.

Removing the air filter: It’s the most important step in cleaning the air filter. Don’t miss any wing nuts and don’t do any rush which may result in something bad.

Cleaning: Never allow the cleaner to dry on the filter. Also never put the filter back when it’s still wet. It may cause serious problem to the engine. Moreover, water washing is more time-consuming. You may try dry washing.

Drying: Dry the filter for fifteen minutes after drying. If it’s not dry enough, you may use the hair dryer or small fan to speed up the drying process.

Others: Vacuum dust and dirt from the filter housing. Dry the filter completely and if needed, use a soft cloth or paper towel. Moisture and debris can cause serious damage to the engine.


The lawn mower is a highly essential device to keep the lawn clean and healthy and most importantly beautiful. The air filter is another most important parts of the lawn mower. Air filter mainly prevents dust and dirt to enter into the engine and keep the engine clean and work properly. Keeping these air filter clean is a very easy process. You can now know how to clean lawn mower air filter. Keep the filter clean and let the mower do the cleaning.

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