When to fertilize lawn- Trips and Tricks for Beginners

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Who doesn’t want a beautiful green lawn in front of your sweet home? I know most of you will answer in the affirmative. The moment you made up your mind to create a beautiful lawn, the big question that pops up is how to take care of it. And more precisely when to fertilize lawn to make it grow more green and vigorous. Those who have taken the decision to make their lawn a beautiful one but have little knowledge about the proper fertilizing at the right time. So here are few tips and tricks for the beginners.

Why you need fertilizer?

Soil condition: Land doesn’t provide all the necessary essential nutrients for proper plant growth. They are mainly (NPK= Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorous). Thus, we use fertilizer.

Plant growth: As the plant gets the required fertilizer, it starts to grow faster and bigger. It is very much essential for creating a nice lawn. Without the proper growth, you can never be able to get your desired lawn.

Production capacity: The land becomes very productive when it gets its required amount of nutrients from the fertilizer. Thus, the soil condition improves as well.

Plant beautification: Even if we want to do beautification to the lawn, we need the required growth of the grass. Fertilizer is essential for that.

The process of applying fertilizer in the field

Choose the right fertilizer: The process begins with the right choice of fertilizer. According to the necessity of the soil and depending on the plant requirement, one can choose the right fertilizer. (NPK) tags on the packet of the fertilizer can be of great help in this aspect.

Preparing the field: If the field is dry, then water it properly two days before applying the fertilizer. Do not apply fertilizer in a frozen lawn. Otherwise, it washes away with the water if it rains. At least 4-5-inch unfrozen ground is needed to apply fertilizer.

Being well equipped: For applying the fertilizer, there are two types of spreader-Drop & Broadcast. Depending on the size of the lawn you can use either of them. If the lawn is small, then you can use your hands to apply the fertilizer. Don’t forget to use gloves while applying fertilizer.

Apply on the ground: As you are ready with the right fertilizer and equipment, now it’s time to apply them. If the ground is wet, then you can apply fertilizer on the ground. If not then you can mix the fertilizer with water and apply.

Caution: Use the fertilizer uniformly on the ground. Do not rush or apply a lot in one place.It may burn the lawn.

Why proper time maintain essential to fertilize lawn?

Right time, right growth: When to fertilize the lawn is the biggest question in lawn fertilizing. Late part of spring and the starting of summer is the best time for fertilizing. It will ensure the right growth of the grass.

Better result: Applying fertilizer at the right time is mandatory. It will ensure the best result for the lawn.

Cutting down expenses: If you apply in other time except for spring & summer; you might get a partial result. So, you have to apply again to ensure the result. Thus, your expense will increase unnecessarily.

Safety: Fertilizer will remain on the lawn if the land can’t absorb the fertilizer. It may be fatal for your baby or pet.

Some important tips about when to fertilize lawn

Consider soil condition: Nitrogen is the most important chemical for the lawn grass. But before applying them keep the pH of the soil between 6-7. Do not apply the fertilizer in frozen land.

The shaded area: The shaded area needs more fertilizer than the average. Keep this in mind. A good lawn requires 1 inch of water. So, ensure the amount of water if the place lacks rain.

Fertilizer application: Use the rotary spreader or drop spreader according to the size of the lawn. It will ensure the proper application of every part of the garden. Apply on the edges of the lawn first.

Take measures: If the lawn is small, then use hand gloves and apply fertilizer by hand. Keep the fertilizer out of reach from the children. Do not throw left out a considerable amount of fertilizer on your lawn. It may burn the lawn.

Lawn care professional: If you are not sure about the soil condition, consult a lawn care professional to get your desired lawn.

Some tricks you ought to follow

Watering: Watering your lawn in the right way is a magic spell for fertilization. So, you have to ensure the lawn has 1inch of water a week. Apply water before 1-2 days before fertilizing your lawn.

Late spring fertilization: Fertilizing your lawn in the late of Spring has is the best time to apply fertilizer. But keep the fact that in which hemisphere you live to choose the month.

Use spreader: If you are in short of time, use a spreader to broadcast. It may cause you some extra money than hand application, but it will reduce your job & save you time as well.

Fertilizer quality: Fertilizer quality is always an important issue to consider. If you buy a random fertilizer not understanding the demand of your lawn, then it will not bring any good result. Nitrogen enriched fertilizers work magically in the lawn.

Organic fertilizer: Using organic fertilizer is a way to keep your lawn more environment-friendly. Go for the organic fertilizer if you care about the environmental issues.

How can you be benefited by using this tips as a beginner?

Better growth: Following these process, you can ensure the better growth of the grass on the lawn. It is essential to keep your lawn healthy.

Dream lawn: Following these steps, you can have your long-cherished lawn that you have been dreaming.

Effective process: All the steps in writing have been proven effective by many users before. So they can be the most efficient method & time to fertilize your lawn in the mentioned way.

Safety issue: The safety issue has immense importance starting from storing the fertilizer to the end of its application.

Cost saving: You can save your money by knowing the proper procedure. If you follow the steps, you can save a lot.

Instruments used: You will get an idea about the proper instrument that you may use in your lawn to fertilize. An idea has been provided about the use of the instrument

Easy way: Without searching here and there, you can get a clear idea about the lawn care very easily in one place.

Helping others: By sharing these tips and tricks, you can be a lawn guide to your neighbor or friends.


A green, vigorous, beautiful lawn can be a place which can take all your monotony in a single glimpse. So, knowing the fact about proper fertilization is important. If you know exactly when to fertilize lawn to have the best result, you are already quite near to your cherished beautiful lawn to soothe your eyes & mind.

Who doesn’t want a beautiful green lawn in front of your sweet home? I know most of you will answer in the affirmative.

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